Choosing the Best Bowfront Aquarium Sizes for Your House

There are actually different bowfront aquarium sizes that may meet your requirements of good and aesthetic fish tank for homes. You need to remember, though, that bowfront aquarium isn’t always the right one for you, no matter how attracted you are to the design. The aquarium does have its own charm, but it’s not just about the design or the size. So, before you march to the nearest fish store to order one, there are several facts that you should know about.

What Is Bowfront Aquarium?

Have you ever seen this unique aquarium shape where the front size is ‘bowing’ out instead of the flat glass surface? If you have, big chances you have seen the bowfront fish tank. It is basically the alternative tank to the standard (and regular) rectangular glass construction that everyone is familiar with. As it was mentioned before, such an aquarium has a bow out front side, not the flat glassy surface on the front. As a result, bowfront fish tank has this aesthetic appeal with its own curved and smooth look.

And why would you have such a bowfront aquarium, anyway? Doesn’t it function like the regular tank? Yes, both tanks have similar functions and usages, but a bowfront fish tank has more ‘wow’ depth and factor than the standard rectangular piece. And you have to admit that having one at home will definitely affect the entire vibe, look, and appearance of your house. Not to mention that the different bowfront aquarium sizes are great for aesthetic factor and appeal that you are looking for, even in the simplest manner.

The Available Sizes

There are so many different bowfront aquarium sizes that you can consult to. The smallest one would be a gallon. What about the biggest one? Well, basically, there is no limit to how big you want it to be, provided that you are willing to spend as much as needed for the fish tank. However, if you are looking for the standard models and sizes, here are some of the options:

  • For 16 gallon of contents, the general and standard dimension would be 20.3 inches x 12.9 inches x 17.8 inches
  • For 26 gallon of contents, the general and standard dimension would be 24.2 inches x 14.8 inches x 20.9 inches
  • For 36 gallon of contents, the general and standard dimension would be 30.3 inches x 15.5 inches x 20.9 inches
  • For 46 gallon of contents, the general and standard dimension would be 36.4 inches x 16.4 inches x 21.9 inches
  • For 56 gallon of contents and corner construction, the general and standard dimension would be 39 inches x 27.4 inches x 23 inches
  • For 72 gallon of contents, the general and standard dimension would be 48.4 inches x 18 inches x 23 inches

Keep in mind that these are the standard bowfront aquarium sizes that are typically available for standard usage. Of course, you can always have a custom size. Some people have 92 gallons corner aquarium that goes 4 feet x 4 feet along the wall. Again, if you are willing to pay, you can always get no matter size you are looking for.

Deciding for the Bowfront Aquarium

Aside from considering the bowfront aquarium sizes, you also need to ask yourself whether this is the right aquarium for you. Granted that all homeowners want to impress their guests and generate ‘wow’ response from them, but then again, do you think it would be the right one for you? A fish tank isn’t just a tank. It would be a part of you, your house, and even your interior décor.

Bowfront Aquarium Sizes

When you have such a bowfront aquarium, naturally, there are some positive traits you can expect from it. They are:

  • The design is aesthetic. It is visually appealing and it offers a nice alternative to the traditional (tank) design. With the unique bow out look, it somehow creates a unique depth sense, giving you the flexibility and freedom to create various aquascapes. The options are generally wider than the one with flat-front rectangular fish tank.
  • The curved construction somewhat encourages the viewers to view and peer into the aquarium from various angles, giving them various perspective and outlook
  • A lot of people having the tank claim that even the biggest tank can fit well to a compact space and (limited) space without compromising the appearance and performance. The curved design is still able to deliver its own charm so it won’t look plain, boring, or blah.

But then again, the decision about having a bowfront aquarium or not totally depends on personal preferences and taste. As it was mentioned before, both types of aquarium are basically offering the same value and function. When it comes to design and outlook, it is completely personal. Basically, if you want something unique and different, then bowfront aquarium would be the best option.

So, what about the negative aspects of having such an aquarium?

Well, the majority of the owners state that taking pictures of the tank is the biggest challenge of having the aquarium. Because of the curved front glass which distort images and bends the light, the results are often blurry or unclear. The farther back of the shot (or the closer it is for the subject photo to the back side of the tank), the more difficult it would be not to get any blurry image.

In terms of distortion and distance, you may not be able to notice or see it within 2/3rd of the aquarium (from the front), but if you want to take photos of fish (or corals) that are being close to the back area or back wall, the result would be less crisp photos. If you want to have a test, try taking pictures of the subjects on the back and subjects on the front. Then you will see that those on the back are somewhat blurrier and they aren’t as crisp as those on the front.

Don’t forget that water is also responsible for this effect

no matter what kind of tank’s shape you have. However, the curved design exaggerates the effect. It absolutely affects the results in the most dramatic way. If you are into photographs so much or you are a quite photo fanatic, then you may go with straight and longer tanks instead of the bowfront one.

However, some people say that the quality photo depends on the type of camera you use (as well as the photo experience). If you like taking pictures of your tank and you have a DSLR camera, then you won’t have any problem or whatsoever in creating amazing pictures. It would be more challenging with a camera photo. And the water (and the distortion) doesn’t make it any easier too to create such appealing results. But then again, the majority of aquarists aren’t photo aficionados and they don’t take as many pictures as you have thought. This may be another consideration that you should think about.

Other Considerations

You also need to consider stand and support for your tank. The bigger your tank is, the stronger the support you want for yourself. Not to mention that bowfront aquarium needs more space than the regular and standard tank. So, what kind of support you should prepare would depend on the bowfront aquarium sizes you choose. Keep in mind that most bowfront aquariums are made from acrylics and they are basically more durable than the glass types (which are the general material for the standard and flat aquariums), but acrylics are easily scratched, so you should also factor this in for your aquarium pick.

Bow Front Aquarium

What you need to do is that you measure the tank, determine what kind of furniture to support, and whether you need to make your own support or stand or not. Because of the bulging construction, you will definitely more support and stand. Do you have enough area or space to accommodate it? Can your area support the flat back design and the bulging front side? In most cases, regular TV stand or furniture won’t be able to support the aquarium’s weight. So, when you want to have such an aquarium, you need to consider the space and the support too.

Who Is It for?

Depending on the bowfront aquarium sizes, not everyone would be a perfect of owning such an aquarium. If you are a beginner, you can still have such an aquarium, although many aquarists suggest starting it from smaller sizes. For beginners, you can consider buying the complete kit so you have the tank along with the required kits. It will make your starting out process easier. Of course, if you prefer buying everything individually and in separated manner, you can still do it. The kit is only to help you.

If you are an advanced aquarist, you may even have bigger chances and options. With your skills, experience, and expertise, you should be able to manage everything on your own. After all, managing everything on your own gives you a sense of personality, individuality, and uniqueness.

If you have limited or tight budgets, the bowfront aquarium may not be the best option for you. Despite the bowfront aquarium sizes, they are pretty costly, especially the bigger ones. After all, smaller isn’t always a good thing in the ‘fish tank and aquarium’ world. If you really want to have a bowfront aquarium, make sure that you have the budgets and you can afford it.

In the end, having a bowfront fish tank may not be so much different from the regular flat and rectangular aquarium. But there are many factors to consider, including the bowfront aquarium sizes, so be sure to choose carefully.

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