Different Saltwater Fish Name that You Can Consider or Must Avoid

There are several popular saltwater fish name that aquarists can try. However, you should remember that being popular doesn’t always mean that they are easy to care. Sure, some fish species are popular among the beginners, but some species are quite popular among the advanced (and expert) aquarists. So, just because you know they are popular, it doesn’t mean that you should jump the wagon right way and purchase those fish straight. It is always a good idea to do your own research – sort things through so you really know which type would be suitable for your home fish tank.

Saltwater Fish Name – The Recommended Options

Keep in mind that fish is different from one another – just like humans. Not all of them are created and ‘designed’ to be equal. No need to worry, though, because there are some best options for the fish type that you can have at home. Here is the list of the saltwater fish name:

  1. Green Chromis

Also known as the Chromis Viridis, Green Chromis is basically the number one saltwater imported fish for the entire (aquarium) trade. There are several combinations that make this type favorable: they are full of energy – and they somehow affect the vibe of the tank, causing it to be energetic and positive. The fish tends to shoal too. They are bold with impressive colors. And they are inexpensive. It’s nice to have a ‘positive’ fish without you having to spend a fortune.

This is the type of fish that most aquarium owners look for when they want to have a schooling effect – inside their tank. A lot of people like the fact that the fish itself is pretty small. It won’t grow more than 4 inches in size, but it does need a lot of open space for comfortable swimming. In general captivity, the fish can live from 8 years to 15 years. However, if you buy the shoal, their lifespan is likely reduced – they tend to somewhat live shorter.

  1. (Common) Clownfish that Is Aquacultured Type

One of the most common type of clownfish is the Ocellaris Clownfish. This fish is on the number 5 list of the imported fish as well as the aquaculture ones. Not familiar with Ocellaris Clownfish? Try Nemo. You know what it looks like by now, right?

Saltwater Fish Name

Every fish tank should have its own common clownfish – a pair of it, would be advisable. This type of fish is pretty great and nice, and the beginner aquarists should have such a fish. However, it is advisable that aquarists buy the aquacultured one (or the captive-bred) type instead of the wild-captured one.

Common clownfish are slow – somewhat relaxed and laid back swimmer. They tend to waddle slowly within their site-attached spot. Once they choose a territory or area, they would spend most of their time there. It means that they don’t really need a lot of room to explore. It also means that you can keep them in the smallest fish tank and they would be okay with it. This type of fish also pair up easily. If you are determined to keep and breed them (and you are willing to spend some extra efforts), it would be fun to see the babies.

  1. Banggai Cardinalfish – the Aquacultured Type


Well, people have different opinions about the Banggai Cardinalfish: they either hate it or love it. But in the overall end, it seems that the number of people who like the fish is bigger than those who dislike it – making it one of the most popular option for saltwater fish tank. It is quite easy to spawn the fish within a reef tank – they will pair up, for sure. However, you should know that when the fish is in juvenile state, they can be friendly to other fish, but as adults, they can be quite aggressive toward the others. That’s why some aquarists have hard time trying to understand this fish.

If you are thinking about having this Banggai Cardinalfish, make sure to buy the aquacultured one – NOT the wild-caught type. This fish is included within the threatened species that may go extinct if we aren’t careful. Make sure that the fish you buy comes from the aquaculture facility instead of the ocean. Despite their flaws, the fish is quite amazing – they have their own charms.

  1. Coral Beauty

Coral Beauty Angelfish

This is a type of fish that is considered as the angelfish for beginners. If you follow the Dwarf angelfish standards, they are pretty inexpensive. They are active swimmers that don’t have any specialized or restrictive dietary requirements. They have vibrant colors – making them one of the naturally beautiful species. As reef fish, they are pretty great. Another thing to like about this saltwater fish name is the fact that they are easy to find and buy.

  1. Royal Gramma

Royal Gramma

Gramma Loreto or the Royal Gramma is a type of fish that would be perfect for beginner. If you check the saltwater fish name, it is typically be included within the fairy basslets, a group of fish. There are reasons to love Royal Gramma. They have just the perfect size of body construction and also a combination of beautiful color. They are hardy – meaning that they are quite tough. They have their own tolerance for the saltwater tank’s condition. They like to spend their times swimming in the open instead of hiding in crevices or reefs.

Rest assured that your fish tank would be filled with colors with this fish. With yellow body or tail and bold purple head, the fish has a ‘pop’ of color that is just too gorgeous to muss. They are inexpensive. They are also hardy. These kinds of traits that make it an impressive saltwater fish for beginners. This fish would reproduce in harem – meaning than a male has the tendency to spawn with more than a female. They are considered cave-spawning fish. The male will make a nest from macroalgae and the eggs would be laid there.

  1. Pajama Cardinalfish

When we are talking about Pajama Cardinalfish, we are actually talking about the cousin of Banggai Cardinalfish. They are okay when placed in groups. Not to mention that the fish has cool and beautiful color – making them look unreal and somewhat artificial. But rest assured that they are super real. They are peaceful fish with these unique giant eyes – and you can find them at aquaculture settings. Keep in mind that you should buy the aquacultured type. DON’T buy the wild-captured types although they may be cheaper. You don’t want to put this species into an endangered species where they can become extinct in a few years.


Another (Somewhat) Recommended Types Saltwater Fish Name  – Sort of

Here is another saltwater fish name that is somewhat recommended for aquarists – but under certain circumstances and conditions.

  1. Firefish

saltwater fish name

The fish has stunning appearance. It’s a great fish. The only downside is that they are jumpers. They will jump whenever they are stressed out or agitated. If you have a fish tank without any lid, this one wouldn’t be a perfect pick for you. Some people say that their firefish just love to jump. They suspect that the fish is somewhat attracted to the floor.

  1. Tomato Clownfish

They are the variants within the Clownfish family with scientific name of Amphiprion Frenatus, but they are bigger – when compared to other cousins. They are still easy to care and maintain, but they do need more space – like, a lot of space. If you have smaller aquariums, this fish won’t be the right choice for you.

The fish comes with this amazing gorgeous colors of reddish orange – for the mature female, it would be darker brown. They are quite unique. As juveniles, they have 3 white striped (just like the other clownfish), but as they get older, the second and then stripes would be gone, leaving only one stripe. This is a hardy fish. They have no problems with eating. They will eat prepared foods, frozen foods, or live foods. They are pretty tolerant to any water condition.

  1. Maroon Clownfish

saltwater fish name

Don’t get this one mixed with other types of clownfish. This is one saltwater fish name that you should be careful about because it is quite aggressive and territorial. If you do want to add them to your reef tank, you should add them the last. They aren’t the perfect fish for beginners.

  1. Flame Angelfish

Flame Angelfish

With scientific name of Centropyge Loricula, this fish is quite popular. The fish has amazing color with deep blue (back) fin ends and firey red sides and black bars (on the side). Their lifespan is between 5 and 7 years, although some of them may live longer. What’s unique about this fish is that all of them are born as female. But in the wild, the alpha fish would change gender – to male – while the remaining of the harem would remain female. They are easy to care, but this is one of saltwater fish name that can be quite expensive.

  1. Mandarinfish Dragonet

saltwater fish name

Also known as the Mandarin Goby, this fish is beautiful. They are slow swimming and small with amazing colors. The fish itself is shy, but it is picky eater – which can be confusing and stressing for beginner aquarists. They love live foods – they don’t do well with frozen food. What makes them ideal is their small size. But because of their picky eater nature, they aren’t exactly easy to care for.


The Non-Recommended Saltwater Fish Name

These fish are popular, but they aren’t for everyone. If you can’t spare extra efforts, then they aren’t advisable, especially for beginner aquarists.

  1. Damselfish

saltwater fish name

For some people, Damselfish is cute and adorable, but they are territorial. They can be a huge issue, especially for beginners. This is one saltwater fish name that you want to avoid – unless you have extra patience.

  1. Regal Tang

Also known as Blue Hippo Tang, this fish needs a big fish tank to grow properly – at least 180 gallons. You may buy it as a small and an inch size fish, but when it grows, it can be 6 inches in length. This fish is a naturally open water swimmer. That’s why it needs a lot of space. If it lives in a cramped and tiny space, it won’t be happy and it will stress out.

  1. Wrasses

saltwater fish name

Wrasses are difficult creatures. They aren’t easy to care or maintain, especially for beginners. The Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse tends to starve because they need tons of parasites in order to survive. Well, keeping such parasites would be difficult. The Six Line Wrasse is notorious for being pugnacious – easy or quick to fight or argue. Yes, they are beautiful. But yes, they are also aggressive.


Final Words Saltwater Fish Name

So, those are some lists of the recommended, half-recommended, and not recommended types of fish for all kinds of aquarists. Unless you are ready with the extra work, the extra length, and the dedication, you should be paying attention to these lists of saltwater fish name seriously.


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